TRS-Box now runs on the Model II and 16!

Finally, a modern file management solution for the big 8″ Tandys! You can now use TRS-Box Serial on your Model II/12/16/16B/6000 microcomputers. You’ll need to be running LS-DOS 6.3.1. Check out TRS-Box Serial for more information.

TRS-Box Serial on a Model 16

TRS-Box now supports Encryption!

Use the new ENCRYPTION setting with DB SETUP to turn on encrypted transfers. TRS-Box will run much slower when encryption is turned on, but your transfers will be confidential. Now, this is not SHA-256 with RSA we’re talking about here! We’re using a 128bit lightweight encryption algorithm. That’s about the best we can do on a Z80 8bit machine and still have a useable experience. So, while your transfers are fairly confidential, you should still not transfer any data of significant value, like banking credentials. Then again, why would you do that with your TRS-80?

What is TRS-Box?

TRS-Box is a Dropbox client for the TRS-80 Microcomputer. It allows you to navigate and copy files from and to your Dropbox from your TRS-80. It is an easy and powerful way to manage the files on your TRS-80.

dropbox-logos_works-with-dropboxTRS-Box requires a TRS-80 Model I with MISE or a TRS-80 Model III or 4 with M3SE setup with a broadband Internet connection and a Dropbox account.

If you don’t have a MISE or a M3SE, check out TRS-Box Serial.

To use TRS-Box you will first log into your Dropbox account and give permission for TRS-Box to access it’s folder in your Dropbox. ¬†Authentication takes place on the secure Dropbox site so TRS-Box never has access to your Dropbox credentials. ¬†TRS-Box will only have access to its own folder found at Apps/TRS-Box. ¬†This is where you will place your TRS-80 files.

Get started here and follow the directions.

The TRS-Box Commands

You can download the TRS-Box commands here Once you unzip them, you can copy the command programs to your TRS-80 using the MISE/M3SE FTPD service. Be sure to transfer using Binary mode.

Viewing the contents of a Dropbox folder on a TRS-80 using the TRS-Box db dir command.

Viewing the contents of a Dropbox folder on a TRS-80 using the TRS-Box db dir command.

  • db setup – Configures TRS-Box.
    e.g. db setup token 1111111111
  • db pwd – Shows the current working folder in Dropbox
  • db cd – Changes the current working Dropbox folder. You specify the folder to switch as a parameter. Standard directory techniques apply such as “..” to move up a folder. Use quotes when folders have a space.
    e.g. db cd "Another Folder"
  • db dir – Shows the contents of the current working folder in Dropbox
  • db get – Retrieves a file from Dropbox. You specify the file name of a file in the current Dropbox folder and a TRS-80 filespec for where you want the file to be copied.
    e.g. db get readme.txt readme/txt:2
  • db put – Copies a local TRS-80 file to Dropbox. You specify the TRS-80 filespec of a file on the TRS-80 and a filename for where you want the file to be copied in the current Dropbox folder.
    e.g. db put readme/txt:2 readme.txt


  • This is beta software and is more than likely to occasionally crash and freeze your TRS-80 from time to time. Don’t worry…a simple system reset will get you going again.
  • If you run into problems, try getting a new token and running dbsetup again. Let me know if you continue to have issues.
  • During beta, please don’t copy over important files without suitable backups in place.

2 thoughts on “TRS-Box

  1. Gary Katz

    So, in the trs-box-0.7 zip file, there are files: db2, db3, db4, and a few README files. No “dbsetup” command. Everything else (e.g., the process for getting a token) seems to work fine. Any suggestions?

  2. Gary Katz

    Never mind! I just figured it out. The README file on my Win10 machine was a little funky to read… but it works! THANKS!


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