By | January 1, 1997

Senior Developer

MovieFone, Inc.
New York, NY
August 1996 – August 1998

• Lead programmer for MovieFone ( web site. At the time this site served between 500,000 and 700,000 individual users per week.

• Duties included managing 2 junior developers, administering the site’s Unix web servers, enhancing C++/C CGI and database programs as well as developing various web related software using Java/C++/C.

• Designed an Internet-based system to allow clients access to a corporate Sybase SQL Server database. This system, which is completely Java based, consists of a client applet that accesses a middle-tier object layer via RMI. The database objects communicate directly with the database using JDBC. A Java application was to be used for management of the system.

• Developed ad serving software that provides MovieFone personnel the ability to dynamically schedule web ads according to various parameters, such as date, page, weighting, rotational preferences and regional market. Front-end written in Java, using JDBC to access a Sybase SQL database. Serving software and reporting software written in Java, C and C++ running on Unix. Reports were CGI generated HTML.

• Built many web servers using BSDI, SCO UnixWare and Solaris OSs. Configured various web server software (Apache, Netscape Commerce, Netscape Enterprise, etc.)

• Installed, configured and administered a Sybase SQL Server 11.0.3 RDBMS on a Dell 6100 server. Wrote extensive stored procedures for the aforementioned ad server.

• Developed Java (client-based) chat site. Server software was written in C++.