Standard and Poor’s

By | November 1, 1998

Software Engineer

Standard and Poor’s ComStock
Harrison, NY
August 1998 – December 1999

• Member of Xpresso development team. Xpresso is a Java Internet-based real-time financial
market data application. Site URL:

• Developed order entry framework to tightly integrate third-party order entry systems into Xpresso.

• Performed extensive work in developing client front-end including latest Java 2 technologies such as JFC and Swing, multithreading, TCP/IP, etc. Developed various views such as real-time portfolios and quote displays.

• Developed HTTP tunneling system to allow clients behind restrictive firewalls access to Xpresso. This consisted of working primarily with server technologies such as Java servlets, HTTP, low-level messaging and TCP/IP and web server load balancing.

• Designer of latest deployment techniques using the Java Plug-in, InstallShield, etc.

• Developed various pages of the Xpresso web site using HTML and JavaScript