By | November 1, 2012

I worked as a Software Architect and Lead Developer consultant at RBS for several years. We built some cutting edge trading tools while I was there and I was privileged to work with a wonderful team.

Royal Bank of Scotland
Stamford, CT
March 2011 – December 2013

  • Designed the organization’s highly-available and scalable JBoss AS7 infrastructure. This includes the creation, deployment and management of multi-environment JBoss AS7 clustered domains across datacenters with the goal of zero down-time of critical banking systems.
  • Pioneered SOA concepts within the organization with the design and development of REST-based JEE fixed income trading information services.
  • Created the architecture and lead the technical design and development of the new MBS Warehouse system called ScotLend. ScotLend is intended to replace a complex legacy suite of applications used by traders and operations staff that consists of disparate technologies, including C++, .C#/NET, Perl and standalone Java applications. ScotLend consolidates and extends the functionality of the legacy systems with a pure JEE solution, using industry standard open-source Java-based technologies. ScotLend provides features like real-time pricing, position analysis, workflow management and up-to-date reporting of RBS’ Whole Loan Mortgage Warehouse.
  • Worked closely with all stakeholders, including traders, analysts and operations staff, to ensure the delivery of systems that meet the stated requirements.
  • Mentored several teams of on-site developers on JEE and SOA best practices, which includes full team participation in design reviews and code reviews.
  • Core technologies used: JEE, JBoss AS, Spring, Hibernate, Dojo, Ajax, JAX-RS, EJB 3.0, Active MQ, Sybase, Jasper Reports, JBoss Drools, Tibco RV and EMS