TRS-80 Model II/12/16/16B/6000 Video Keyboard Board Tracker

By | May 18, 2021

We’re attempting to roughly approximate the number of Tandy 8″ systems that were produced by analyzing the serial numbers of the video/keyboard board. We are sampling this board specifically because it is the single component shared across all 8″ systems, including the Model II/12/16/16B/6000.

There were two generations of this board but it appears that they may have used a single continuous serial numbering scheme across the boards. If you own one or more of these computers, please share your serial numbers and note the generation.

You can identify which generation board you have from this page. Here is the current list of boards we have recorded.

As you can see, the numbering is fairly well distributed with Gen 1 boards (mostly Model II/16) in the lower range and Gen 2 boards (mostly Model 12/16B/6000) in the upper range which seems to support a common sequential numbering system. There is some overlap though.

What do you think of this project? Is it statistically sound? Again the goal is to get a very rough approximation of total units sold, which seems to be achievable.

2 thoughts on “TRS-80 Model II/12/16/16B/6000 Video Keyboard Board Tracker

  1. eswan

    Just recently bought a board set for a II/16 that included a first gen V/KI with ser no. 452998.


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