TRS-80 Model III Computer Graphics Image Generator

This tool will allow you to convert any image accessible via a URL into a format compatible with the TRS-80 Model III with the Computer Graphics high resolution upgrade option. This format is also used in the Model II Computer Graphics and the Model 4 Computer Graphics packages so these generated images will work on all 3 of these TRS-80 platforms.

Go to the Image Generator Tool

To display the images on your TRS-80, use the GLOAD program provided with the Computer Graphics software. The program listing of GLOAD in the Computer Graphics documentation is hopelessly broken so I rewrote it here GLOAD/ASM for those that are interested. It functions identically to the original GLOAD binary.

Here are a few examples of images generated by the tool

4 thoughts on “TRS-80 Model III Computer Graphics Image Generator


    Very helpful. Can you build a BMP image output as an option for those of us that would like to generate images for other black and white platforms?

  2. Lok

    Hello, the Image Generator Tool link does not work anymore.

    Is there an updated link?


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