TRS-80 Model III Computer Graphics Image Generator

This tool will allow you to convert any image accessible via a URL into a format compatible with the TRS-80 Model III with the Computer Graphics high resolution upgrade option. This format is also used in the Model II Computer Graphics and the Model 4 Computer Graphics packages so these generated images will work on all 3 of these TRS-80 platforms.

Go to the Image Generator Tool

To display the images on your TRS-80, use the GLOAD program provided with the Computer Graphics software. The program listing of GLOAD in the Computer Graphics documentation is hopelessly broken so I rewrote it here GLOAD/ASM for those that are interested. It functions identically to the original GLOAD binary.

Here are a few examples of images generated by the tool

2 thoughts on “TRS-80 Model III Computer Graphics Image Generator


    Very helpful. Can you build a BMP image output as an option for those of us that would like to generate images for other black and white platforms?


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